Science & Humanities

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Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department comprises of a group of well qualified faculty and staffs which are capable of building up new Civil Engineers for the society. Our aim is to provide quality education to the student s  regarding the various aspects  of Civil engineering & to give them an idea regarding the new advances in Materials and Technology

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Computer Science

  Striking the delicate balance between theory and practice, the Computer Science and Engineering Department of ILAHIA School of Science and Technology provides a well - rounded education through innovative methods to meet the needs of our students. Computer Science & and Engineering Department has a unique blend of faculty and facilities that offers students a rare opportunity to do research and learn Computer Science in new collaborative ways

Mission - To be a leading provider of technical education programmes and related services of the highest quality and standards of excellence to meet the demands of business, industry and the community and thereby to contribute to India''s socio-economic progress

Vision - To develop into a world-class, pace-setting Institute of Engineering and Technology with distinct identity and character and offering a variety of programmes and services that meets the goals and aspirations of the people

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is characterized by a diversity of fields encompassing areas of research, design, development and operation of electrical systems. This includes Electronics, Power Generation Systems & Distribution, Computer Systems, Internet hardware, Bio medical Engineering, Space Exploration Systems and many more." Technical areas within the EEE discipline include Electro magnetics, Electronics, Power Systems, Control Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Digital systems, Power Electronics, Signal processing and Communications. Involvement of Electrical Engineers stretch from designing , implementing , maintaining and improving motors to radars. The course provides an excellent platform for imparting knowledge in the latest technology resorting to computer based education in a software environment. With ever increasing demand for energy and newer areas of energy production, the course provides ample opportunities for employment.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds. It is a fact that knowledge is a powerful tool but like a powerful axe, one has to keep it sharpened all the time. With good spirit, sincerity and devotion we are confidently putting all of our efforts and continuing our journey to acquire more and more knowledge. It is needless to say that for quality engineering education, students and faculty must be definitely exposed to the latest technologies and recent developments that are taking place in the fields of Electronics & Communication Engineering and Information technology. The department is very much committed towards this direction.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers develop engineering systems to transform energy, materials, and information to meet the needs of humanity. The needs of humanity include the basics of sustenance, shelter and health. They also include the desire for security, association and communication, and pursuit of knowledge and skill

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