The IEDC (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell) came into existence in ILAHIA SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (ISSAT) in 2016 with the aim to emerge as a Center of Excellence in the field of Entrepreneurship Promotion and to act as a catalyst in transforming employable to entrepreneurial communities by translating latent ideas into viable enterprises.


The main objectives of IEDC:-

  • Develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.
  • Nurture the ideas of the students and to help the entrepreneurs to acquire necessary skills.
  • Build a strong platform for the budding Entrepreneurs.
  • To motivate support and mentor students for identification development and commercialization of their innovative ideas
  • Helps to interact with entrepreneurs, bankers, professionals, potential customers and create a mentorship scheme for student innovators. 


Nodal Officer: Prof. Midhun Mohan (Asst. Prof, ME Dept.) Mob: 9895653990


Faculty Co-ordinators:

Prof. Shinaj K M (Asst. Prof, ME Dept.)

Prof. Shafan Salam (Asst. Prof, ECE Dept.)

Department Faculty Co-ordinators:

Prof. Fasna mole T M   (Asst. Prof, CE Dept.)

Prof. Muhammad Shafeek (Asst. Prof,CSE Dept.)

Prof. Anju Lakshmi   (Asst. Prof, S & H Dept.)

Prof. Steffy Kuriakose (Asst. Prof, EEE Dept )