The IEDC (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell) came into existence in ILAHIA SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (ISSAT) in 2016 with the aim to emerge as a Center of Excellence in the field of Entrepreneurship Promotion and to act as a catalyst in transforming employable to entrepreneurial communities by translating latent ideas into viable enterprises.


The main objectives of IEDC:-

  • Develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.
  • Nurture the ideas of the students and to help the entrepreneurs to acquire necessary skills.
  • Build a strong platform for the budding Entrepreneurs.
  • To motivate support and mentor students for identification development and commercialization of their innovative ideas
  • Helps to interact with entrepreneurs, bankers, professionals, potential customers and create a mentorship scheme for student innovators. 


Nodal Officer: Prof. Sharafudheen K A (Asst. Prof, CSE Dept.) Mob: 9496335357


Faculty Co-ordinators:

Prof. Parvathy Vijay (Asst. Prof, CE Dept.)

Prof. Shafan Salam (Asst. Prof, ECE Dept.)




IEDC cell organized a one-day orientation class for the first-year students on 11th august 2017. The session was inaugurated by principal Dr. A A Mohammed Faisal and the chairman Mr. K Y Muhammed Sadiq, Manager Mr. M M Muhammed Kunju, Director Dr. C H Abdul Bukhari has given felicitation in the event.


The event was specially aimed to first year student who were not aware of the activities and importance of IEDC cell in the college. The IEDC Ernakulam Zonal officer Mr. Muhammed Fazil had delivered the speech on importance of IEDC and facilities that provided and intended to provide by the Kerala Start Up Mission through various IEDC cells in Kerala.


He encouraged students to aim to become and entrepreneur rather than seeking a job. Any simple but useful idea has market in the modern society. He explained the matter with some real life example and explains basic idea of how they could form a start up from simple thoughts.


  1. IEDC Annual Summit 2017

IEDC Summit is the avenue for participants of various units across the State to come together, to share the success stories, to learn from each other’s failure, to show case innovative products and to develop strong networks that go a long way in developing sustainable enterprises. The summit was scheduled with two sets of panel discussions to learn from two levels of entrepreneurs, one who have succeeded from Kerala and established their business across the globe and the young generation entrepreneurs who are aspire to shake the world in future through their innovative enterprises.

The Second IEDC Annual Summit was held at Adlux International Auditorium Angamaly on Saturday 19th August 2017. The College IEDC Cell had registered 9 students and 2 staff Members as instructed by the Start-up Mission.

There were sessions in technical, discussions, appraisal, experience sharing of entrepreneurs and exhibitions of various projects. It was a wonderful and inspiring experience and was a chance to made a contact with experienced and honoured persons in various field and attractive thinking.


The IEDC Cell ISSAT has organized a two-day workshop on ROBOTICS on February 23rd and 24th Friday and Saturday. In these two day it covered the basics concept of internet of things (IoT), its relevance and programming. The students also got the exposure to hands on training in different projects like

  • Manufacturing of a small robot
  • LDR controlled Lights
  • Mood sensing lights
  • Working of a robotic arm and
  • other home automation projects which they can implement at their homes itself.

Four resource persons from Levantar Solutions Private Limited, lead the sessions. All the session was interesting and useful to students in implementing their ideas.

The registration of participation was online through our college website. A registration fee `300 has collected from all participants. The cost was `500 per head and remaining expenses had taken from IEDC fund.

The workshop started at 10.30 AM Friday. The student coordinator Miss. Akhila Sulthana introduced the resource person to students. The Nodal Officer Mr. Sharafudheen K A welcomed all participant and resource person. The principal Dr. A A Mohamed Faizal inaugurated the session. The college Chairman Mr. Muhammed Sadik, Manager Muhammed Kunju also attended the function.

The workshop started in IEDC office first day and later shifted to Computer Lab 2 for the programming side implementation. The 2nd day workshop conducted at Computer Lab 3.

Total 61 students have registered for the workshop and all were present in first day. Total 59 students participated in second day even though it was a holiday for the college, which showing their interest in workshop. The following IEDC student’s coordinators worked hard with sincere mind in order to make the program a big success.

  1. Akhila Sulthana (S4 EC)
  2. Mohammed Fazal (S6 ME)
  3. Muhammed Jasir (S6 CE)
  4. Muhammed Musthafa (S6 ME)
  5. Risana Fathima (S6 EC)
  6. Athira T J (S4 CSE)

The staff Coordinator Mr. Shefan Salam, Nodal Officer Sharafudheen K A was present full time on both days of workshop. The certificate has been distributed to students those who participated in workshop and for those who worked in organizing workshop. Refreshment has provided to all participants in morning and afternoon session. Feedback has been collected from all participants and workshop ended at 3.30 PM Saturday with a motivational speech by Nodal Officer.

The encouraging feedback and inspirational no of participants motivates the IEDC cell to organise more workshop in this as well as other innovatively rich areas.










IEDC cell conducted an idea pitching competition to all the students in the college. It has been decided to give rupees 3000 for the first prize and rupees 1500 for the second prize for the winners of idea pitching completion. 9 groups have submitted the idea and evaluation of idea are already completed.


Among them 7 groups are registered for the state level Idea Hackathon and their preliminary screening has been successfully completed.




  1. IEDC Conducted FABXL workshop at SNGCE, Kolenchery on 12th January 2018. Four students groups are participated in the event and they presented their skills.


  1. Adil Sha Jabbar of S2 mechanical has participated various competition including KEYSUMMIT’18 held at Techno Park Trivandrum.


  1. 2 Student representatives participated in Ideation ’18 workshop conducted by Kerala Start Up Mission at MES Marampilly.


Considering our active participation in events and meeting conducted by Start Up Mission IEDC cell ISSAT has invited for the international level HACKATHON’18 held at Le-Meridian Hotel Kochi.